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We have served the community in and around Chichester for over 2 decades, our mastic company, Sealant Expert Chichester is well known and respected by our customers and within the industrial trade. Our reputation for professionalism, reliability and work of the highest standards, has spread far and wide throughout Chichester and the surrounding areas. Our professional mastic sealant contractors are skilled and certified and take pride in their workmanship, all of their work is performed efficiently, using quality materials and to the highest standards. We perform sealant application services, for all types of properties, commercially, residentially and within the construction industry. Our sealant contractors have gained vast experiences and skills from our large portfolio of projects and are qualified to complete any task you have. These include: residential or commercial sealing of bathrooms, kitchens or floors, repair of damaged surfaces, external window and door frames and expansion joints. They are specialised to work with all different materials, including wood, ceramic, masonry, concrete and even glass.

If you need something sealed, we are the company to do it. Our work is affordable and comes with a 12 month guarantee. Call us for more information, we are available to answer any questions you may have.


Sealant Applicators & Mastic Man Chichester:
Your best choice for your Sealant Applicators   

Our mastic company, Sealant Expert Chichester, is the leading provider in sealant application services Chichester based. Our wide range of services covers the commercial, residential and construction areas of sealant application. If you are need of help, for mouldy silicone, which needs to be removed and replaced, or maybe a leaky bath, that needs resealing, or even a around your windows where the sealant has worn away over time, we are the mastic sealant contractors to call for help Our expert team can be at your home, or business, and quickly and efficiently, resolve your issues. No job is too big, small, complicated or simple for our silicon applicators. We have a wide-spread reputation across Chichester for professionalism, expertise and exceptional results. Our reputation has spread far and wide from word of mouth feedback, from our satisfied, happy customers. Our sealant contractors are the best at what they do and have experience and skills gained from over 20 years experience in industry, as well as commercial and residential projects. They are certified and also trained in health and safety. If you would like more information regarding our services, or a free, no obligation quote, contact our team today.


Mastic Man Chichester: What makes ours unique
Professionalism and Quality of our Sealant Applicators

With so many up and coming mastic companies, the competition for sealant application services is fierce. At Sealant Express Chichester we have stood the test of time. Our mastic sealant contractors are the very best and less experienced mastic companies cannot compare. Our contractors possess a large selection of skills and techniques resulting from 20 years experience, in commercial, residential and industrial fields. There isn't a job too big or small for our professionals, or too complex. Other sealant contractors cannot compete against such expertise. Our priority is the satisfaction and happiness of our customers, we work as a tight-knit group with everyone working towards the same goal of customer satisfaction. We are very proud of our skilled workmanship and will accept nothing less than excellence in our finished jobs. Our experience working with different materials such as masonry, concrete and glass, as well as our installation of steel products makes us stand out from other companies and puts us high above other sealant contractors.

Our customer service team is on hand for a chat, whether to answer specific questions, to book you an appointment or to just give you more information about our company and services. Call us today.

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